Hello! Heres a little bit about me and my art journey...

I am an abstract expressionist painter who grew up in a small town called Spruce Grove in Alberta, Canada.  I was the youngest of 4 girls, and from when I could remember, my life was always filled with creativity.  Throughout my school years, art class was my escape, the place where I excelled and felt the most comfortable.  When I got to university, I went into Fine Art, only to chicken out and switch to Education- because in my mind, I didnt think I could make a living being a painter.  After graduation, I taught elementary school for 6 years (and loved it), but after I had my first son in 2014, decided to take another year off teaching and plunge into the art world.  After that year, through a lot of networking and learning experiences, I decided to quit my teaching job and become a full fledge artist!

I now currently live and work in Edmonton, Alberta with my husband and three young kids.  My art studio is attached to my home, which is very convienent as I can sneak in whenever the kids are occupied or once I have a free moment and inspiration hits.   I primarily work in acrylics but I also like to dabble in watercolor, oil sticks, collage and gold leaf .  Painting is what gives me energy, excitment, and joy, and I hope that is what my paintings evoke as well.   Often when I am painting, I have worship music blasting in the background, so it is often a very spiritual time for me as well, as it is a way for me to reflect and connect with God.  I am a very intuitive painter, when I start a painting, I never know what it will look like until it is done!  Many of my paintings therefore have 20+ layers on them!  Painting to me is a feeling;  something I do with my heart, not with my mind. 

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I would love to connect with you and talk art!