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Hello! Heres a little bit about me and my art journey...

Janet is a contemporary impressionist painter and mother of three from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Janet obtained her Bachelors of Education with a Fine Art minor from the University of Alberta and also attended Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Janet was a teacher for six years, but decided to jump head first into her first love, art, in 2015. Since then, Janet has built up quite a collection of work, focusing on paintings that move people when they see it. Janet’s paintings are often described as joyful, vibrant, exciting, and peaceful. With her unique impressionist style, Janet builds each painting up with many layers and textures with light, bright and happy colors. Janet wants her works to be visually exciting, capable of engaging the eye, but also just something that brings people joy. Janet now works out of her home studio, and sells her work through PxP Contemporary Gallery and at Vaticana Cucina.

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