Hello! Heres a little bit about me and my art journey...

I am an abstract expressionist painter who grew up in a small town called Spruce Grove in Alberta, Canada.  I was the youngest of 4 girls, and from when I could remember, my life was always filled with creativity.  Whether it was creating interpretive dances with my sisters in the family room for an audience of one (my mother), to bike rides to the public library to participate in whatever free art or craft session they were holding.  I was the kid whose notebooks were (and still are to this day) filled with random doodles on every available space.  I can honestly admit that I wasnt the best student, but my notes sure looked beautiful! Throughout my school years, art class was my escape, the place where I excelled and felt the most comfortable.  When I got to university, I went into Fine Art, only to chicken out and switch to Education- because who makes a living painting!?  After graduation, I taught elementary school for 6 years (and loved it), but after I had my first son in 2014, decided to take another year off teaching and plunge into the art world.  I told myself that I would dedicate one year to art and see if I could make it as an artist.  That first year, I entered every contest/festival/opportunity I could get my hands on- this included a night time art festival where I set up a tent to display my art outdoors from 11pm-4am.... you can ask me more about it, I have some pretty interesting stories!  Anyways, after that year, through a lot of networking and learning experiences, I decided to quit my teaching job and become a full fledge artist!

I now currently live and work in Edmonton, Alberta with my husband and three young kids.  My art studio is attached to my home, which is very convienent so I can sneak in whenever the kids are occupied or once everyone is asleep and I can get into my zone (at 11pm).   I primarily work in acrylics but I also like to dabble in watercolor, oil sticks, collage and gold leaf .  Painting is what gives me energy, excitment, and joy, and I hope that is what my paintings evoke as well.   Often when I am painting, I have worship music blasting in the background, so it is often a very spiritual time for me as well, as it is a way for me to reflect and connect with God.  I am a very intuitive painter, when I start a painting, I never know what it will look like until it is done!  Many of my paintings therefore have 20+ layers on them!  Painting to me is a feeling;  something I do with my heart, not with my mind. 

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I would love to connect with you and talk art!